Design Experience

Below is my experience in Design and Innovation

Programs I Have Taught

  • MYP Design- Grades 6-8

    • Makerspace design

      • A mix of digital and physical designs

      • Low bandwidth school

      • I started the program at the school with minimal materials.

  • ISTE Standards-based teaching and learning- Product design grade 6

    • Use of Stanford's design thinking model

    • Physical design with a focus on tool use in a woodworking maker space.

    • High-tech design labs.

Units I have taught

  • Bamboo Boats

  • Rube Goldberg Machines

  • Making playhouses for preschool through grade 2

  • Scratch Coding

  • Board Game Creation

  • Bridge Design

  • Pinewood Derby

  • Blog Creation

  • Website Design

  • Circuit Scribe

  • Ozobots

  • Digital Citizens

  • Fabric Design Mini-Unit

  • Teacher-Client Design

  • Door Sign

Design clubs I have led

  • FIRST LEGO Robotics- MS

  • VEX Robotics- HS & MS

Data Collection Projects- Creating a design class for my Master's capstone project.

MSSE Capstone Project