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My Journey in Science Teaching

From the curious minds of first graders to the analytical thinkers in grade eight, I've had the privilege of guiding students through the wonders of science. My journey began as an Elementary STEM and Science educator, where I developed a deep passion for the subject. This love propelled me to teach more advanced grades, yet I always utilize my elementary teaching experience to ensure my middle school students build upon their foundational knowledge. Central to my teaching approach is forging meaningful relationships with my students, cultivating an environment of inquiry.

I've successfully integrated the IB MYP curriculum and employed the NGSS as a guiding framework for instruction and assessment. My ultimate goal? To create engaging and memorable classroom experiences, inspiring students to harbor a lifelong love for learning.

For a fun glimpse into my classroom: Here's a Tweet of me, dressed as a rapping banana, enlightening students about the water cycle! 

My Science Education