Below are quotes from colleagues, parents of my students, professors, and employers. This page is intended to give you an overall picture of me as an educator and person. I am referred to by the following names, C.J., Charles, Mr. Hopkins, and the Chopkins.

"Charles is proactive, creative, and thorough. When given a task or responsibility, he takes charge and goes above and beyond what is asked of him. Given problems to solve, he finds unique solutions that weren't initially considered. In all of his work, he shows an attention to detail and pride in his work that is commendable. He is an exemplary colleague."

-Garrett Austin- MYP Coordinator at The American School of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mr. Hopkins was a really inspirational teacher for Oliver. Oliver really thrived in Mr. Hopkin's design class. As a parent, you always felt that the interaction between Oliver and Mr Hopkins was great, which brought out the best in Oliver. Mr. Hopkins always thought out the box and extended their design classroom to the outdoors. This resulted in the construction of a Bamboo Raft for various teams, which Oliver and the rest of the students really enjoyed. This just showed Oliver and other students practical skills that are not always seen in the classroom environment.

This same interaction extended onto the soccer field where Oliver was the TASOK MS team captain. The TASOK MS soccer team really played hard for Mr Hopkins (Mr Chopkins). They had such a great Team Spirit going.

The Team had been coached really well and were fit and had won all of their matches and were looking forward to competing at the tournament at the American School of Mozambique in March 2020. This sadly never happened due to the onset of Covid.

His interpersonal relationships with all students and players from different cultures and background was always vibrant and uplifting.

Mr. Hopkins is sorely missed by the students, parents, and work colleagues as he was a larger than life character at TASOK.

- Robbie Van Der Merwe, Parent of Oliver & Head of Grounds at The American School of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

"Charles Hopkins has an impressive combination of talent and intelligence. He loves life and energizes and empowers everyone he interacts with."

- Adam Kahan MS/HS Science Teacher, Jay Pritzker Academy, Siem Reap, Cambodia

I found Charles to be energetic, thoughtful, thorough and conscientious. Given the online nature of the program, Charles eagerly participated in weekly discussions, completed and submitted assignments in a timely manner, and engaged with colleagues throughout the world. The quality of his work was exceptional.

- John Graves Associate Director MSSE Degree Program, Montana State University

Interpersonal relationships and ability to work with a diverse group of individuals are strengths of C.J.’s. He is affable and friendly, making him a natural when interacting with people of all ages. These qualities have made working professionally with him enjoyable.

- Jay Brooks, Hall Director, University of Northern Colorado